About us

My love of glass started as a child when my  parents owned an antique shop. The incredible works of Tiffany, Loetz, and Stueben were fascinating to me. When I was a young man I began the process of experimenting and studying. As my confidence in my abilities grew, my wife and I decided it was time to build our own glass-making equipment and furnace. I really loved the challenge of building the entire studio from scratch. My sons, George III & Shane , are now able to apprentice & help in the hot shop. My wife, Diane, has always been a huge part of the creative design process and supportive in every way. She works to keep everything for Machart Glass running smoothly. We love to sit under the pergola I built next to the hot shop and talk about designs and colors as the sun sets into the evening. We can hardly wait until the next morning when the glass made the day before has finally cooled down from the annealing oven so we can see the new creations.